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Nursing Care


Guy and Mary Felt Manor has a caring staff of nurses that provide 24 hour skilled nursing care and supervision to our residents. The Manor nursing staff consists of; a Director of Nursing, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nurses Aides.

The nursing Staff is IV trained and certified. Our nurses encourage residents to be as independent as possible and ask for assistance when needed. The nursing staff provides care to increase the residents functioning to return home or to adjust to living in a long term care facility.

Care Plan

An individualized care plan is written for every resident of a nursing facility. It is intended to act as a guide to your care. It spells out what your needs are and how the facility will meet those needs. Your care plan should list problems, goals, and how the goals will be met. You should be actively involved in the development of your care plan. Ask the social worker to inform you when your care plan meeting will be held. Plan to attend. Care plan meetings are held shortly after admission and every three months after that. You should be invited to attend every care plan meeting. You my designate a family member or your power of attorney to attend with or in place of you.

Dietary Department

We value the life and dignity of your loved one and to reinforce this commitment to protecting our residents, we have developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan.  We appreciate your cooperation to ensure our residents and staff members are protected during times of a catastrophe.  If you have any questions regarding our Emergency Preparedness Plan, do not hesitate to contact the facility at 486-3736.

The Dietary Department is supervised by a Certified Dietary Manager and is overseen by a Registered Dietician.  Preference lists for likes and dislikes are filled within 24 hours of admission.  Daily menus are posted outside of the Dining Room.  Special silverware and cups are available for residents having difficulty feeding themselves.  All residents eat breakfast in their rooms.  Residents are encouraged to eat lunch and supper in the Dining Room for socialization.  Diets are ordered by a physician and can only be changed by the physician.  Therapeutic diets are available for those residents requiring them.  Guest trays are available for family members by notifying the Dietary Department by 10:00 a.m. for lunch and 3 p.m. for supper.  Guest meals are $5 for lunch and $3 for supper.  Payment can be made directly to the kitchen.  Meals are served at regular intervals: BREAKFAST at 7:30 a.m., LUNCH at 11:30 p.m., and SUPPER at 4:50 p.m.  Many of the residents are on a Therapeutic Diet as ordered by their physician.  It is important that dietary restrictions are adhered to by the residents family and friends.  Therefore, visitors bringing food to a resident are asked to stop and have the charge nurse verify that the food is allowed for the resident.  All food kept in a residents room must be in a covered container.  At no time is a resident to have large quantities of food, candy, or fruit in the room.  They are served three well-balanced, nutritious meals a day and have supplemental liquids and food offered throughout the day.