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Religious Services

Our facility’s medications are provided by the facility’s contracted pharmacy. Residents may choose to utilize their pharmacy, but all responsibility falls on the family or resident to obtain medications from that pharmacy. All medications are prescribed by the attending physician and administered by our nursing staff.

All residents at the Manor must be under the care of a physician from the facility's list of medical staff. The facility will provide the family or resident with a list of current physicians that provide services at the Manor. The family member or the resident must choose a physician. The Social Worker or designee will make sure the physician will accept the resident as a patient while at the Manor.

You have the option of selecting or changing your physician at any time during your stay in this facility. You should know who your physician is and have the opportunity to meet with him/her as needed. It is the obligation of the physician or the physician’s assistant to see you at least every 30 days for the first three months and then every 60 days, unless your medical condition requires more frequent visits.

After being admitted to the facility most residents have follow up appointments with different specialized physicians, such as, orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists. While staying at the Manor resident’s families may provide transportation to appointments. If the resident is not medically stable they may use the  Manor's wheelchair van.To schedule the wheelchair van for your loved ones appointment speak the Unit Clerk or nursing staff.

Meeting the spiritual needs of our residents is also important. Guy and Mary Felt Manor offers a

non-denominational service every Sunday  at 2 p.m. in the Dining Room; also available to our residents are weekly Bible Studies, Rosary Recitations are held each Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in the Atrium, and Catholic Communion Service are held every Sunday and on the first Friday. When the resident or family requests their spiritual leader the facility will call and arrange the visit.

Beautician services are available to all residents. You may have your own beautician or barber come into our facility.  Appointments can be made by notifying the Unit Clerk.  Families, barbers, and other beauticians are welcome to use the shop, when not in use.  Fee schedule can be found in your admission packet, asking the Unit Clerk or the beautician.

The facility provides two flat screen color televisions, mounted on the wall per room (one in the private rooms).  A television, VCR and DVD player are available for residents use and are located in the dining room.  There is a minimal fee for television service.

The home provides one telephone per room, with an assigned phone number, for resident use.  If a room change should occur, the resident's phone number would change as well.  The assigned phone numbers cannot be transferred from room to room.

The facility will do a resident’s personal laundry at no additional charge.

Guy and Mary Felt Manor is a smoke free facility.

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